WiFi Services

WiFi is the make-it or break-it factor for hotels today. We’ll help you get a large ROI on your investment.

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The New Hosted Solution for Hospitality

AON replaces all your phones to get virtually unlimited crystal-clear calls with one low price VOIP business phone system. You

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Managed IT Services

AON is single STOP for your all your IT needs. Just provide your requirement, we will present the best solution

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Wifi in Apartment

Get WiFi in an Apartment Building. Providing managed WiFi and Internet is an excellent way...

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IT for New Construction

AON offers one stop I.T for new construction and existing hotels, public venues and businesses....

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Hosted PBX

One of the latest spin offs of business telecom technology is the Hosted PBX. This...

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Wifi in Public Venues

AON installs WiFi in public venues in Houston and surrounding cities. AON is one of the most experienced WiFi company in the state of Texas. Over the years, AON has installed and serviced WiFi in hotels, WiFi in apartments, WiFi in Office buildings, WiFi in apartment buildings, WiFI in apartment complex and WiFi in restaurants. AON has had steady growth since its inception and it's management is confident to sustain this growth in the coming years. AON has turn key deployment options for hotels, apartments, Office buildings and restaurants. AON's understanding of the technology, vision of the market demand, and...

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Why Choose AON

“One of the best I.T. company in the state of Texas (USA) and now in INDIA .  The product mix offered and the process of its delivery, makes it one very unique company. It is unrivaled in its products, delivery and support system. With AON on your side, your project is guaranteed to get completed on time and in a professional manner”.With Long stay Promise in business,AON will always be your good IT partner & After sales services in today’s Rapid changing technology Era.

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Unified IT & Telecom understands that upgrading, expanding your technology infrastructure like a formidable process. With many years of experience and a comprehensive approach, will identify and deploy a solution that best suits your business needs. Data Network Services: MPLS/VPLS Services MPLS / VPLS are generally at the core of ...
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Our IT solutions includes, Design Planning Deployment Security Analysis and Reporting Remote Monitoring Support We offer both wired and wireless business network solutions for new and existing connections, which improves your infrastructure performance.We provide installation, service, monitoring and support to all residential,Industrial and commercial clients. Aon is an end-to-end global ...
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Building better infrastructures and mobility to bring you the full power of wired and wireless technologies. leading wired and wireless network installation services company. We have extensive experience providing infrastructure deployments covering a wide range of applications and uses including: data, voice, security systems, and many others. We Handle Deployments ...
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A Digital Live Streaming & Video Production Company. We provide Live Streaming & webcasting services online on YouTube LIVE, Facebook LIVE, Social Media, Websites and Many more Video Streaming platforms. Our LIVE PortableProduction System streams the video from 480p to 1080p with HD broadcast productions. We also provide you with ...
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NetEye Camera Remotely access your network video cameras, digital video recorders, network recorders and other CCTV devices. New! Android Wear and tv support. Features pan tilt zoom control, matrix view, home screen widgets, encryption, and automatic camera type scanning. Net Eye Camera is a free Android camera tool which allow ...
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