Wifi in Apartment

Get WiFi in an Apartment Building. Providing managed WiFi and Internet is an excellent way to attract new tenants, retain current ones and realize untapped revenue potential. Adopting the responsibilities of an ISP may sound like a huge undertaking, but it’s a piece of cake when you partner with AON. The process is simple and seamless and you’ll be left wondering why never explored this option before.

Whether you’re a building owner looking to create additional value in your apartment complex through new amenities, we have the solution for you. Our team will help installing WiFi systems for apartment complexes, condos and other multi-dwelling units. We will market, activate, monitor and maintain WiFi and Internet services.

We install our services at a low cost to the building owner, providing tenants on-demand WiFi to each floor in the building. Tenants will no longer have to wait for installations, work out how to set-up a router or WiFi services, pay too much for to much data or worry about security. The whole process is managed and secured by AON so no stress for anybody! All you have to do is Call AON today and say, “yes”, sit back and collect the extra revenue.

Within the apartment industry, AON specializes in mulit dwelling units (MDU). In a new apartment construction, AON provides turn key solution for all I.T. aspects of the project including low voltage cabling, termination, phone system, internet system, security cameras and service and maintenance requirements. AON deploys free public WiFi Networks in apartments covering only public areas or covering both, the public areas and the living areas. It deploys wireless cameras, scattered through out the apartment property, monitoring different buildings, alleys, gates, driveways, public areas and fences. This program allows property managers/owners to monitor their facilities and additionally provides a peace of mind to their tenants.

AON offers a centralized satellite TV system for apartments, where TV channels can be provided as an amenity to the tenants or can be offered for a charge, thereby adding a revenue stream for the owners. Multi apartment complex owners can take advantage of AON’s VoIP phones and connect all of their offices on an extension to extenstion system. With AON on your side, your properties can offer a variety of unique amenities to both assist staff and attract and retain tenants.

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