Wifi in Public Venues

AON installs WiFi in public venues in Houston and surrounding cities. AON is one of the most experienced WiFi company in the state of Texas. Over the years, AON has installed and serviced WiFi in hotels, WiFi in apartments, WiFi in Office buildings, WiFi in apartment buildings, WiFI in apartment complex and WiFi in restaurants.

AON has had steady growth since its inception and it’s management is confident to sustain this growth in the coming years. AON has turn key deployment options for hotels, apartments, Office buildings and restaurants. AON’s understanding of the technology, vision of the market demand, and steering of the growth is unmatched. From live monitoring of the Network for WiFi services and supports within hours of response time for service calls by this it offers services that enables public venue owners to create value added amenity for their customers, visitors, and/or guests, which helps increase revenue.It’s unique service and support is still unmatched in the Houston and surrounding area.

With AON on your side, you can be sure that your WiFi network will always be available to your customers and guests so that you can confidently advertise Free WiFi as an added amenity in your venue. Your customers deserve it.

The AON management is experienced in

  • Fixed Wireless WI-FI, Wimax
  • Cellular
  • Voice Over IP
  • Audio/Video
  • Biometric
  • Access Control

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