Here are a few questions about our hospitality wireless service that we receive most often, along with our answers. If your question isn’t answered here, please let us know.

Do my customers have to load special software to access the Internet?

No. AON does not use special proprietary software. Your guests simply find your property’s network and open a web browser to start.

Can you protect my network with a password?

Yes. We can leave it unprotected or put a password on it to ensure only guests can use it. It’s up to you. AON offers access control options to fit each property’s needs and brand standards.

Can I charge my guests for access to the internet?

Yes. With AON Plus, you can allow your users to either access the network for free, pay for access, or any combination thereof. Just let us know you’d like this feature and we’ll set it up at installation or any time after for an additional fee. You decide the price and keep 100% of the revenue. AON Plus allows you to accept credit cards, create custom voucher codes and integrate with your property management system.

I need to have a splash page/terms of use page/captive portal. Can you do this?

Yes. We’re compatible with pretty much everything out there from the major hotel brands, and we can even create something custom to you from scratch.

My franchisor/management group requires ___________. Can you do it?

Probably. Based on past experience with most hospitality brands, we’re confident our system can meet your specifications. Please ask us about specific requirements.

Can my guests access their VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)?

Yes. AON does not restrict VPN access.

What is not included?

1. AON requires a dedicated incoming Internet connection from a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the guest network; AON is not an ISP. We extend this Internet connection to provide seamless, reliable high-speed wireless Internet access throughout your hospitality property. Your ISP will bill separately.
Note that AON network speeds are limited to your ISP’s speeds. We’ll work with you to determine the amount of bandwidth required at the property, and recommend upgrades when needed.

2. Any additional Ethernet cables and related labour (if required) are the sole responsibility of the hotel. AON will advise on where cables need to be run, but does not run them.

3. Initial installation and upgrades require an additional fee. See below for details.

Is there a minimum room count?

No. AON will service properties of any size. However, initial connection and upgrade fees are based on a 50 room minimum.

Can guests see each other on the network?

No. AON networks are secured with military-grade technology. Each guest can connect only to the Internet–not to other users or your administrative network.

How do you manage bandwidth?

Because just a few users downloading illegal movies can drastically slow your Internet speed for all other users, we can limit the bandwidth for each guest based on the total bandwidth you have available to your property from your ISP. We can also block users from downloading movies and TV shows in Bit Torrent format. By restricting network abusers, our bandwidth management makes your network optimal for all guests.

What type of Internet connection would you recommend for my property?

Simply put: the faster, the better. Because providers vary so much by region, ask us what might work best for your property. Our systems are compatible with all Internet Service Providers (ISP), however, more hotel managers are finding that dedicated fibre lines are best to meet guest demands.

How do I know how fast my Internet speed is and if that’s fast enough?

You can test your network speed here.
After running the test, divide the “Download” number by the number of guests you think you’ll have connecting to the Internet at the same time. Anything over 2 is acceptable, and numbers above 5 are considered excellent. Ask us about what Internet Service Providers or packages may be best in your area.

What happens when technology changes?

We’ll keep you up to date. Whenever new standards evolve, we’ll update your system’s firmware remotely, or replace units entirely if required for an upgrade fee based on the time since your last install.

How many guests can access the Internet at the same time?

AON doesn’t place any restrictions on the number of devices accessing the Internet. However, if your Internet connection is too slow, you may have issues.

I’m having a problem with _____________. Can you fix it?

Yes, as long as it’s related to your wireless network. Just give us a call, any time, day or night, 365 days a year. You’ll always get live support.